Jessie Liv is a Restorer of the Ruins, a builder, apostolic Voice, equipper and Forerunner who’s mandate is to Align and Awaken lands and hearts to God.

She is also a dweller in the deep things of God and is Designed as a multi-faceted creative that ushers liberty into oppressive and captive structures and atmospheres.

Her goal is to mark a generation and the generations to come, by leading a revolutionary change in creation by pivoting systems,  hearts, minds and lives with the tangible reality of Christ’s Love, identity, truth, and presence. Launching many into their unapologetic, God-given positions and purpose.


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Jessie is Honored for your interest in having her be apart of Your Event. Her Prophetic, Creative, and Revelatory dynamic are eager to partner with Heaven to transform Lives, Hearts, regions, cities, & Nations for Gods Greatest Glory.

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LIV Co. Was founded upon a desire to mark the Earth and Nations with a radical, bold statement of “ Living Revolutionary” and completely undignified. A Free marker of identity all the while, releasing it into the world as a New ERA ARMY. LIV Co. has a burning passion to see humanity unlocked in who they are as they make a fingerprint upon Change within the Dimensions of God. Unconventionally BRANDed.



Regional Events


The Queen of Hearts will fall

The Queen of Hearts will fall

On July 5, 2022 I found myself being taken up by Holy spirit in an unusual place and vision. It was midday when Out of nowhere I found myself in front of a multidimensional -like...

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The Sojourner Remnant

The Sojourner Remnant

There has been a preserved People highlighted to me for several weeks . An undergirding of evelation I could not release until now. Over the span of time given to me, the Lord...

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