Jessie Liv is a Restorer of the Ruins, a builder, apostolic Voice, equipper and Forerunner who’s mandate is to Align and Awaken lands and hearts to God.

She is also a dweller in the deep things of God and is Designed as a multi-faceted creative that ushers liberty into oppressive and captive structures and atmospheres.

Her goal is to mark a generation and the generations to come, by leading a revolutionary change in creation by pivoting systems,  hearts, minds and lives with the tangible reality of Christ’s Love, identity, truth, and presence. Launching many into their unapologetic, God-given positions and purpose.


Jessie is Honored for your interest in having her be apart of Your Event. Her Prophetic, Creative, and Revelatory dynamic are eager to partner with Heaven to transform Lives, Hearts, regions, cities, & Nations for Gods Greatest Glory.

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LIV Co. Was founded upon a desire to mark the Earth and Nations with a radical, bold statement of “ Living Revolutionary” and completely undignified. A Free marker of identity all the while, releasing it into the world as a New ERA ARMY. LIV Co. has a burning passion to see humanity unlocked in who they are as they make a fingerprint upon Change within the Dimensions of God. Unconventionally BRANDed.




If you desire and feel in your heart and spirit to partner with Jessie to see the fullness of liberation, Christ love aligned, and hearts and lands ignited for Greater Glory – Please consider Sowing into the pure soil that would complete the plans of YAHWEH.

Jessica Eady, P.O. Box 3172, 1950 2nd St., Slidell, LA 70459.

Words into Life was created as a diverse set of poetry relating to life experiences, the finding of spirituality, and the beginning of healing through the expression of words. I desire all walks of life to feel connected and not alone. Often we experience disappointment, heartaches, and punch to the gut trials that sometimes leave us feeling isolated.

I long to provide a haven if you will, for the hurting, misunderstood, lonely, or un-encouraged reader. Poetic words can heal, relate and inspire. Words into Life, I hope, will help connect and encourage humanity to move forward, knowing circumstance never seizes greatness. I hope you as the reader tap into your greater awareness and deepest parts of your being un-hindered, soaring into the greater heights of life. There is freedom. There is more. There is hope.


Scribe INK Fountain

Scribe INK Fountain

This Morning during my private time with the Lord I truly felt a breaker anointing in decree. If you all have followed my previous post, you've seen that the Lord has really...

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Angel of Hope & Inspiration

Angel of Hope & Inspiration

I laid on my floor 1 hr after my Next book/ebook  post the Lord has been nudging upon me to release . I layed to Soak and fill in His presence after much prayer the previous 2...

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