There is a Call to Rise for Women across the Globe. A Call and beckoning to their rightful position to govern and awaken to their strength, ability, and God’s authority. Women are called to REIGN in every sphere of life. Home, Anointing  Circumstancial Solution, family, business, spiritual warfare, what is rightfully theirs in plunder and spiritual territory, to reprimand what’s been stolen, to live as gentle as doves but mighty in battle and Governance. “Mastercrafts-WOMen” of Kingdom life, Skill, and cultivation of their Seed & Purpose. Women fit TO LAST The Journey set before them and Rule doing it. From Frugal to REGAL!
Jessie’s Monthly mentorship Offers 5 Month Renewal plan system. Meaning, after 5 Months you can choose to Exit,  Cancel or Renew! 5 Months puts every Woman in a Goal-based System and accountability. Condensing Our Time together in Phases keeps the order, and builds lasting focus on the courses provided. YES! We are continuing after the 5 Month mark- it’s only a prep to give each Woman practical advancement to FULLY EVOLVE🔥🔥🔥
All ZOOMS are Nightly 8 pm Cst, with UNLIMITED Replays & RECORDINGS, PDFS, AND NOTES, One-On-Ones with Jessie, and Q&As. This is a WOMAN REVOLUTION of The REIGNING WOMAN. Access Your New Community & Mentorship NOW!
Your Anointing matters, WOMAN, Be EMPOWERED & ESTEEMED!


$25 per month for 5 Months

(after 5 months you can cancel or continue your subscription)

Launch Date 27 July 2023


Please SELECT THE “MONTHLY” OPTION on the right. Then select the $25 button and comment the name of your course. We will send you an email with the link where the course will take place.