“RESHEPH” — is Hebrew Root Word for A FLAME OF FIRE, A FLASHING FIRE BOLT, AN ARROW as FLASHING through the AIR (Aetos comes from the Greek for AIR) God has vastly been moving in the Awakening of his Eagle Company, the breed of Prophetic people that are coming forth carrying the fire! Their prophetic precision and design dwells at a higher revelatory dimension that makes who they are unique! Its time to come out from the social norm of being “misunderstood” and misunderstanding who you are ! During this power-packed 3 week Summit & Equipping you will learn the characteristics of a highly Prophetic person, you will learn not just the gift side of you but why you function, observe,Weigh, and discern your way through life, relationships, decisions etc. You will learn what exactly is the face of the eagle and what biblical context it/you originate from in ability as seer & hearer of the heavenly realm. You will leave ignited, released, and empowered to soar where you’ve needed fresh flight! Join the Apostolic impartation into your prophetic destiny and begin your purpose refreshed! Whether you need deeper prophetic insight on your gift, called to the office, or simply wanting to understand how to operate prophetically! It is time for the Breed of RESHEPH EAGLES TO ARISE IN THE EARTH !

For An Upgrade Launch Join our VIP INTENSIVE With Global ministers and Leaders joining Jessie, THE Matt Jones & Andrew Whalen! You do not want to miss this dynamic addition of 4-5 extra days in our Bonus Intensive of Revelation tanks & teachings.

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