Material w/Scriptural Reference

  • Understanding Time & Redeeming It Through Heavens Realm/Dimensional Access.
  • Activating God Time over your life.
  • Becoming Free From Old Timelines/Broken & Deceptive Time.
  • Access to closing portals, dimensions of evil in Airwaves through prayer to shift atmospheres
  • Closing entrances to Curses & Disengaging them individually & in the lives of others.
  • Private Mentor Zoom Session Under VIP SILVER Package.

What to expect:

  • 2 Live Teachings To A Facebook Private Group.
  • 1 Q&A Live Session & Intercession.
  • 1 Personal Zoom Mentorship via Zoom (SILVER VIP PACKAGE ONLY.)
  • Private Group (Access to both Group links.)
  • Silver VIP: Added Mentorship (Zoom link expires on the afternoon of Sept 2nd.