In This workshop you will be trained in the vast knowledge of discovery in what “Spoils” truly are in your heavenly inheritance and how to access and engage your treasure stored up from the many years you’ve battled and contended for what righteously belongs to you. The word tells us in countless scriptures, that we have a “share” to collect the exchange of the yielding of personal harvest & land from war on the battlefield. In this Crash course, Weekly Academy, Jessie will train you in how to legislate, posture yourself in dominion, understand deep Wisdom and fruitful Education on Collecting the Spoils of Your WARS! The time is up for your adversary and a lack of knowledge is the only thing stopping you from accessing the FULL STOREHOUSE! What are you waiting for? Access your Coarse Now! “WE Are GATHERERS OF THE SPOILS” . 2023 5783 is is the year of CLAIM! We are MAKING CLAIM! Jump start your new year now.

“From spoil won in battles they dedicated gifts for the maintenance of the house of the Lord.”
1 Chronicles 26:27 ESV

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