Scribe INK Fountain

This Morning during my private time with the Lord I truly felt a breaker anointing in decree. If you all have followed my previous post, you’ve seen that the Lord has really Amplified the power of decree in this hour. I was in the midst of decreeing much with an overflow of the Nabi flow and something profound that bubbled up was this vision of an immense FOUNTAIN that exploded up from beneath the ground. I knew instantly this was an ancient well that had been waiting to be cracked open for his appointed time.

This foundation, however, was magnificent and unusual because this fountain was not water, but ink! As I pressed and begun to decree the ink wells burst and came forth upon the Lords Chosen writers in this hour, it began to explode in an uncontainable fashion marking the ones destined to write the scribes of the Lord FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

These writings will be the beginning of an uncontained refreshing of an explosive outpouring of the new manna of heaven. The deeper meat the Bride has been crying out for but has yet to find within her season of drought and survival.

Get ready writer’s to Arise to the call. Your message and anointing is the salvation and saving grace of a tired and parched bride. The bridegroom is handing you the sceptre to speak and release what he is saying and bringing forth. Self-discipline will need to be your closest companion. Stewardship and full utter dependency in ” SHOWING UP” to the desk, table, the laptop, will need to be your choice and not your feeling.

As you move forth, the supernatural revelation will begin to flow. Signs and wonder ls and mystical sovereign visitations you will inhabit.

ARISE SCRIBES AND WRITERS OF THE highest! The nations are depending on what’s inside YOUR BELLY!!!

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